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  • Ask for bill payment over the phone
  • Demand that you pay a bill with a pre-paid debit card
  • Ask you to meet us somewhere to make a bill payment
  • Tell you that someone will come to your house to collect bill payment in cash
  • Ask for your bank information over the phone
  • Ask for your credit card number over the phone

Protect yourself from scams:

     1.  If you are unsure about your bill being delinquent, you can:

  • Sign in to your account to see if you have a balance
  • Call us and use our automated system to get account information, including last payment receipt date and new account balance
  • Call us and talk with a customer service representative:  800-272-9741

    2.  Delete all suspicious emails that require "immediate action" to verify your account details or which demand        personal information.

    3.  Ignore all suspicious requests for personal information such as bank account numbers, usernames and  passwords, credit card numbers, or social security numbers.

You can report scams to the Federal Trade Commission (877-382-4357), state consumer protection agency, local law enforcement or 
OG&E's scam alert hotline (405-553-3000).

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